Gershwin, Ira. (1896–1983)

Autograph Letter - "Don’t disregard the $30,000 check for a needy Uncle Sam"

Autograph letter,  signed “Ira." One page, September 4, 1957.  On unusual monogrammed letterhead incorporating an eye (as in "Ira") and the letter "G", addressed to an unidentified “Bill.” In full: “Disregard the design above—this writing paper was a present from a well-meaning friend. But don’t disregard the $30,000 check for a needy Uncle Sam. (Sometimes I wonder if he really needs that much from his nephews who, most of the time, are really needy.)…P. S. Best to Sam too, and tell him he forgot to drop in to say hello.” In fine condition. 7.25 x 10.5 inches. (9837)

Autograph Letter