[20th Century Composer Musical Quotations] Lachenmann, Helmut. (b. 1935)

Autograph Musical Quotation

AMQS dated 27-6-87 from the influential German composer associated with musique concrète instrumentale. From an unidentified work, signed and dated on the verso of a postcard with a printed snippet of music on the recto. Fine.

According to the composer, his is music "in which the sound events are chosen and organized so that the manner in which they are generated is at least as important as the resultant acoustic qualities themselves. Consequently those qualities, such as timbre, volume, etc., do not produce sounds for their own sake, but describe or denote the concrete situation: listening, you hear the conditions under which a sound- or noise-action is carried out, you hear what materials and energies are involved and what resistance is encountered." (Slought Foundation, Lachenmann in Conversation with Gene Coleman) (8869)

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