[20th Century Composer Musical Quotations] Dutilleux, Henri. (b. 1916)

"Métaboles" - Autograph Musical Quotation

Lengthy detailed AMQS identified by the composer as "From ‚Métaboles‘ (1965) for orchestre (commissioned by the Cleveland Orchestra and dedicated to George Szell)," signed and inscribed in Paris, 1979. 29.5 x 18.5 cm. Very fine.

"Métaboles" is a sort of concerto for orchestra and explores the idea of metamorphosis, how a series of subtle and gradual changes can radically transform a structure. A different section of the orchestra dominates each of the first four movements before the fifth brings them all together for the finale. The work quickly achieved celebrity following its première by George Szell and the Cleveland Orchestra and is now one of the composer's most frequently performed works. (8519)

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