[20th Century Composer Musical Quotations] Dallapiccola, Luigi. (1904–1975)

"Goethe Lieder"- Autograph Musical Quotation

Detailed AMQS from the great Italian composer and pianist, who has written out 9 full measures including text in blue ink on red ink staves, signing and identifying the quotation as from his "Goethe Lieder." On a card measuring 13 x 8 cm and in very fine condition.

The "Goethe-Lieder" is a setting for mezzo-soprano and three clarinets of seven quatrains from "West-östlicher Diwan," a collection of lyrical poems by Goethe inspired by and modeled on medieval Persian poetry.

With Petrassi, he was the most significant Italian composer of his generation, wrote marvelous, lyrical 12-tone compositions full of impressionistic textures, two major operas (Il Prigoniero, Ulisse), and was teacher of Berio and Rands among other leading composers. (8230)

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