Katchen, Julius. (1926-1969) & Travers, Patricia. (1927-2010)

Original Photograph as Prodigies

Remarkable vintage James Kriegsman photograph of the two young performers, Katchen aged 11, Travers aged 9.  In very fine condition. 8 x 10 in; 21 x 25.5 cm. 

After being invited to represent the US at the first International UNESCO Festival in 1947 in Paris, the young American pianist toured throughout Europe and eventually moved permanently to Paris. In 1951, he became a founding member of the Suk Trio with Josef Suk and Janos Starker. Katchen died tragically young of cancer, though he left many superb recordings, including many fine Brahms performances.

Travers debuted at Carnegie hall at the age of nine, captivated millions with her 1940 performance in the film "There's Magic in Music," (clip available on YouTube) and had a major career until late 1951 when she literally vanished from the stage, retiring alla Garbo or Durbin from the public eye. Her famous Strad, the "Tom Taylor" was sold in 1954. (7525)

Unsigned Photo
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