Bach, J.S. (1685-1750)

Brandenburgische Konzerte. Faksimile des Autographen. Faksimileausgabe nach dem Autograph Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußische Kulturbesitz, Musikabteilung, Am.B.78 [Brandenburg Concerti, BWV 1046-1051]

Leipzig: C.F. Peters. 1996. Oblong, 33 x 26 cm, 170 pp. Halftone monochrome facsimile of the dedication autograph score—dated 24 March 1721—for Christian Ludwig, Margrave of Brandenburg.

Bach's elegantly penned title "Concerts avec plusieurs instruments" is a somewhat modest description of the concertos to follow, in that many different combinations of instruments and sonorities are exploited, perhaps deliberatly to get the Margrave's attention and approval, not unlike the way Mozart used his Gran Partita to introduce himself to the Viennese public. Sadly the autograph score was left unused in the Margrave's library until his death in 1734, the reason being (it is believed) that he lacked the musicians to perform the concertos. One of the great gems of Western music, in a handsome binding in brown linen with lettering in gold. (7494)

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