[American Avant-garde] Wolpe, Stefan. (1902- 1972)

Signed LP Cover

New York: Esoteric Records. VIntage LP recording, signed and inscribed on the photograph cover by the German-born American composer. ES-530. In fine condition and including the recording itself.

A student of Busoni, Schreker and Webern, in 1938, Wolpe moved to New York City in the United States. During the fifties, he was closely associated with the abstract expressionist painters in New York and hsi students includes Morton Feldman, Ralph Shapey and Charles Wuorinen. His work was radical, but avoided the punctualism of composers such as Pierre Boulez (in his works of 1951–53), instead employing more conventionally expressive gestures. Wolpe developed Parkinson's disease in 1964, and died in New York City in 1972. Elliott Carter commemorated Wolpe with the following comment: "Comet-like radiance, conviction, fervent intensity, penetrating thought on many levels of seriousness and humor, combined with breathtaking adventurousness and originality, marked the inner and outer life of Stefan Wolpe, as they do his compositions." (6916)

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