[Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix. (1809–1847)] [Beethoven, Ludwig van. (1770–1827)]

Important 1843 Leipzig Program of Mendelssohn conducting Beethoven's Ninth Symphony

"Donnerstag, den 9. Marz 1843. Concert im Saale des Gewandhauses zu Leipzig zur Erinnerung an das erste Leipziger Abonnement-Concert (den 11. Marz 1743) und dessen erste Jahresfeier (den 9 Marz 1744)" [Program commemorating the first Leipziger subscription Concert (11. Marz 1743) and its first anniversary celebration (the 9 Marz 1744)].

A remarkable original program of the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra and Chorus directed by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy on 9th March, 1843. 8 pp. Scattered foxing, overall very fine.

This historic performance began with an opening invocation by Leo Bergmann (spoken by Duringer), and continuing with the following works, mostly in some way connected with the commemoration program and with the relationships of their composers to Leipzig recorded in the program as follows: "Motette" by Doles ("1743 Musikdirektor beim Leipziger Abonnement-Concert"); "Ouverture fur Flauto concertante, Violini, Viola e Continuo" by J.S. Bach ("1743 Cantor an der Thomasschule"); "Arie aus dem Aerndtekranz" by Johann Adam Hiller ("1781 - 1785 Musikdirector beim Abonnement-Concert, 1789-1800 Cantor an der Thomasschule"); "Chor as dem Oratorium 'die letzten Stunden des Erlosers'" by J.G. Schicht ("1785 - 1810 Musikdirector beim Abonn-Concert, 1810 - 1823 Cantor and der Thomasschule"); "Adagio fur Violine" by Matthaei ("gewesener Concertmeister beim Abonn-Concert") performed by Ferdinand David (the current concertmaster); "Kyrie und Gloria" by Moritz Hauptman ("jetzigem Cantor an der Thomasschule") conducted by Hauptman himself, then Cantor of the Tomasschule; "Achtstimmiger Psalm" by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy ("jetzigem Musikdirector beim Abonnement-Concert), conducted by the composer himself and being the fourth recorded performance of his Op. 51, Psalm CXIV ("When Israel out of Egypt came") for double choir and orchestra (1839). The concert concluded with a performance of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony ("Grosse Symphonie mit Choren uber Schillers Lied an die Freude") conducted by Mendelssohn and with the singers Sachse, Schloss, Schmidt and Kurzwelly. (5272)

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