[Duke Ellington Band] Hamilton, Jimmy. (1917-1884) & Woodyard, Sam. (1925-1988) & Gonsalves, Paul. (1920-1974) & Hodges, Johnny. (1907-1970)

Set of 1967 Autographs from Duke Ellington's Band

A set of 5 autographs from the Duke Ellington band on two small pieces of paper, one dated 10/13 1967, the first signed from clarinetist Jimmy Hamilton and inscribed "To Jerry Ryan, Best Wishes"; the second identified "Duke Ellington's Band" in an unknown hand and signed with "Best wishes to Paul from Paul Gonsalves Ten. Sax," "Johnny Hodges," "To 'Paul from Sam Woodyard (Drums)" and "Jimmy Hamilton, Clarinet." 5 x 3 inches; 3.75 x 2.8 inches. Toned, else fine.  (22044)

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