Varèse, Edgard. (1883–1965)

"Intégrales" - Autograph Musical Quotation with Original Photograph

Mounted ensemble of photograph of the French-American avant-garde composer and inscription with quotation the beginning of his composition Intégrales. "To Dr. Max Broesiko-Schoen [?] in cordial remembrance of the Summer 1950 in Darmstadt  Edg. Varèse. VIII 24th/50" [=August 24, 1950]. Photograph 5.75 x 4 inches (14.7 x 10.4 cm); paper slip with inscription and quotation 3.75 x 3.5 inches (9.3 x 9 cm). Mounted together to a larger rigid backing, both in fine condition.

Varèse had been invited to teach composition at the 1950 Darmstadt summer courses. This engagement marks the beginning of his canonization as one of the great pioneers of musical modernism. The name of the person to whom the quotation is inscribed is difficult to decipher.

One of Varèse's most famous works, Intégrales is scored for woodwinds, brass, and 17 different percussion instruments played by four percussionists, Varèse completed Intégrales in 1925. Varèse's term "spatial music" was first applied to this work, which broadly denotes a concept that pertains to all of his surviving output, namely his method of depicting music as a collection of coexisting sound properties (melody, harmony, rhythm, etc.) the durations of which drift closer and further apart while appearing and reappearing in variations of themselves. Leopold Stokowski conducted the premiere on March 1, 1925 to an enthusiastic crowdthe Aeolian Hall in New York. Though widely panned and misunderstood by critics, the first audience enjoyed the work so much that Stokowski was obliged to perform it again that evening! (21961)

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