Ibert, Jacques. (1890–1962)

Autograph letter signed

ALS of the French composer to an unidentified male recipient. Dated "Friday." 1 p. Letterhead paper with Ibert's Paris address. Ibert responds to a letter in which his correspondent disclosed his father's death. Ibert expresses his sympathy before telling that he had to travel to Orléans where his brother-in-law had committed suicide. Then he turns to business (translated from the French): "Upon my return I called Paul from Choudens. Unfortunately, he had already talked to Dervaux about the matter, who had come to an agreement with the musicians of Colonne about it as I understood." 8.5 x 7.25 inches (21 x 18.3 cm). In very good condition. 

The identity of the recipient is unknown, but Ibert addresses him with the familiar "tu." "Dervaux" is probably the composer and musicologist Pierre Dervaux (1917–1992), but the "matter" discussed remains unclear, as does the identity of "Paul." (21959)

Autograph Letter
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