[Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix. (1809–1847)] Schumann, Robert. (1810–1856)

"Thematisches Verzeichniss im Druck erschienener Compositionen von Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" - THE COPY OF ROBERT SCHUMANN

Leipzig: Breitkopf & Härtel. [1853]. First edition, second printing. . 8vo. Title (vb); 1-61 pp [compositions with Opus number 1-100]; 63-64 pp [half-title]; 65 - 69 pp ["Compositionen ohne Angabe einer Opuszahl"]; 70p. ["Büsten, Medaillen, Portrais und sonstige Abbildungen"]; 71-73 pp. ["Systematisch geornetes Verzeichnis"]; 73 - 81 pp. [Verzeichniss...Gesangwerken gehörigen Texte..."]; 81-83 pp ["Lieder und Gesänge"]; 84 p. ["Dedicationen"]. Cover and title lithographed, otherwise engraved throughout. [PN] 6925. Title signed "R. Schumann" in ink to the lower right corner. Covers somewhat toned, lower right cover corner torn and lower right corners well thumbed through page 35. A few unopened leaves towards the end, scattered foxing throughout, else fine. 

A historic copy of the Mendelssohn Thematic Index, owned and signed on the title page by Robert Schumann, who regarded Mendelssohn as the greatest of his contemporaries.  This is the second printing of the first edition which was prepared with the assistance of Mendelssohn himself in 1846, and is identical but for the change of price (1 Thlr changed to 2 Thlr). Reference: R. Elvers, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. Briefe an deutsche Verleger (Berlin, 1968), p. 354.

"When it came to his contemporaries, Schumann reserved his highest praise for Mendelssohn, whose string quartets...counted among the few recent efforts worthy of late Beethoven.  As indicated in a long diary entry of October 1842, Schumann was heartened by his colleague's warm praise for his own newly composed quartets...'for Mendelssohn is a formidable critic; of all living musicians, he has the sharpest eye.' Schumann's dedication of the quartets 'to his friend Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy with heartfelt respect' may thus be taken as an outward sign of his deep admiration for a composer whose approbation he avidly sought." (John Daverio, "Robert Schumann," p. 253) (21929)

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