Vieuxtemps, Henri. (1820–1881) [Tartini, Giuseppe. (1692–1770)]

"Le Trille du Diable." Sonate pour le Violon composée en 1730 par Tartini arrangé pour être executée dans les Concerts avec accompagnement de Piano ou s'un second Violon, Alto et Violoncelle par Henri Vieuxtemps

Offenbach am Main: Jean André . [after 1871—price in marks; first issue: 1855]. An interesting nineteenth-century take on Tartini's "Devil's Trill" sonata. Violin part (unbound) and piano score disbound. Upright folio. Lithographed. PN 7498. Violin part: 6 pp; piano score: 2-15 pp. Publisher's catalog to final page of score. Solo part heavily marked up, partly in pencil, partly in blue crayon. "Vincenzo Mariotti 1904-05" written in blue crayon to top right corner of title. Spine of score reinforced with cloth tape. Solo part minimally foxed; else in fine condition.

Tartini's famous sonata, in its original version, was first published in 1799. It is notated on two staves only (violin part and bass line). In the course of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, several outstanding violinists produced their own editions of the work, with elaborate, rewritten piano parts, even more virtuosic additions to the violin part and, more often than not, a cadenza of their own. The version of the Belgian virtuoso Vieuxtemps, who also achieved lasting fame as a composer, is an outstanding example of this tradition. As the title of the present volume states, he also produced a version for string quartet, but this arrangement of the accompaniment is not included here. The identity of "Vincenzo Mariotti" is unknown. (21792)

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