Grainger, Percy. (1882–1961)

Inscribed Photograph with "A Londonderry Air" AMQS

Superb portrait of the Australian-born composer and pianist seated at the piano and facing the camera, by Ames, New York. Signed and inscribed to the head in black ink "For Gertrude Gilbert / Warmly / y[ou]rs /Percy Grainger Nov 1916," and adding an autograph musical quotation of the first two measures from A Londonderry Air, in E-flat major. 5.5 x 4.5 inches (14.2 x 11 cm). In very fine condition. 

The eccentric Grainger had a career spanning three continents (Australia, Europe, and eventually North America). He included settings of the popular Irish tune quoted here in his British Folk Music Settings for piano (1911) under the heading "Irish Tune for County Derry," likewise in E-flat major. Gertrude Filbert (1871-1947) was president of the Amphion Club in San Diego, an association promoting music. She and her sister Bess invited many musicians of worldwide fame to their home, Grainger among them.  (21770)

Signed Photograph
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