Fischer, Edwin. (1886-1960)

Three Letters Signed to Baroness Maria Flörsheim

Two autograph letters signed and one typed letter signed by the great Swiss pianist, then living in Germany, to Maria Flörsheim, née Koch (1895-1955). Maria Flörsheim was a daughter of the wealthy Frankfurt jeweler Louis Koch (1860-1930), who owned a large collection of art, jewelry, autographs, etc. She and her husband Rudolf Flörsheim (1893-1962) emigrated to Switzerland in 1934. In German. In fine condition overall. Uncommon.

1. ALS, Cologne, September 12, 1926. 2 pp. One leaf. "Dear Mrs. Fleursheim [!], As you can see, I switched a bit and has escaped from hot Berlin. And I left the better part of my illness there; at least is seems so. My housekeeper brought me here as I was still very frightened), and I live here in the home of a childless married couple named Leffmann. Except for the domestics, no one is at home, and everything is quiet, which is ideal. And here and now I will combat my nerves and nurse my sick guts, and in another 8 to 10 days the long series of my concerts should resume. I have tried now to take some time off in the first week of October, only to relax at your place for a few more days after my recovery. I am sure you will have been discharged by then... Why are you in [Bad] Kissingen, after all? I hope it is not for vanity reasons, that is, to slim down—I will never like such a toned woman..." Fischer's host in Cologne was probably Ernst Leffmann (1899-1972), a Jewish lawyer who emigrated to the Netherlands in 1933 but was persecuted during the German occupation and survived detainment in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. 10.75 x 8. 5 inches (27 x 21 cm).

2. ALS, no place, no date ["January 1930" added in pencil in an unknown hand]. 1 p. of bifolium. In full: "Dear Mrs. Fleursheim [!], Now you have lost your father, and no wish to please him will call him back. My thoughts are with your woe, and I shake your hand in respect and grief. Sincerely, Edwin Fischer." Maria Flörsheim's father, Louis Koch, died in Frankfurt on January 14, 1930. 8.5 x 7 inches (22 x 18.8 cm).

3. TLS, Berlin-Wilmersdorf, April 11, 1934. Addressed to "Frau Baronin Maria Flörsheim | Beierseich." One leaf of Fischer's letterhead paper. "Just a quick Thank You for your letter. Could you not see to it that you will attend the morning rehearsal because after the concert, I will have to be off to Budapest immediately." It appears that this letter was written shortly before the Flörsheims emigrated; "Beierseich" (correct spelling: "Beyerseich") was the name of the secluded house south of Frankfurt where they had lived since 1921. 10.75 x 8.25 inches (27.5 x 21 cm). (21675)

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