Kokoschka, Oskar. (1886–1980)


Vienna: Verlag Galerie Welz. Signed postcard from the Austrian painter known for his distinctively expressionistic portraits and landscapes and for his passionate, often stormy affair with Alma Mahler. The card reproduces the lithograph poster created in 1923 for an exhibition of his paintings at the Kunstsalon Wolfsberg in Zurich and features his "Self-Portrait from two sides as a painter." Signed "O Kokoschka" in black felt tip to the lower margin. In fine condition. 4.15 x 5.75 inches (10.5 x 14.6 cm.).

A student of the Art Nouveau era who exhibited alongside Gustav Klimt as a fellow member of the Vienna Secession, Kokoschka was a painter, printmaker and writer who became one of the great expressionist artists of the 20th century. Kokoschka traveled to Switzerland to help set up this exhibition held at the gallery of the famed lithographer and stayed for some time in the country painting. The postcard image is a reproduction of the poster version of a lithograph he did that year entitled "Self-Portrait from two sides as a painter." "Most of Kokoschka's self-portraits are melancholy . . . the years of 1922-1923 were times of great progress in the watercolor medium . . . an end of the Dresden Expressionism" (German Expressionist Art p. 144).  (21416)

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