Dallapiccola, Luigi. (1904–1975)

Autograph Musical Quotation, "Sex Carmina Alcaci."

An unusual AMQS from the great Italian composer and pianist, who has neatly penned in black 9 detailed measures in 4 voices from his "Sex Carmina Alcaci," signed and dated 2 July, 1943. 14.7 x 4.9 inches [37 x 12.5 cm] and in very fine condition.

With Petrassi, he was the most significant Italian composer of his generation, wrote marvelous, lyrical 12-tone compositions full of impressionistic textures, two major operas (Il Prigoniero, Ulisse), and was teacher of Berio and Rands among other leading composers.

One of Dallapiccola's earliest pieces using twelve-tone technique, the Sex Carmina Alcaci is the third of three sets of ancient Greek lyrics and shows him approaching serialism in a unique way, combining tonal and non-tonal elements and presenting them in a clear and direct manner.  Structurally, a series of different types of canons, here a canon becomes something more than an abtruse academic exercise, finding a grace and beauty under rather strict formal constraints.  The score of Sex Carmina Alcaci contains the following dedication: "This work - dedicated to Anton Webern on the day of his 60th birthday (December, 1943)  - I today defer to Webern's memory, in humility and devotion."  This dedication is dated September 15, 1945 - the day Webern was tragically shot by an American soldier in occupied Germany. (21001)

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