Krauss, Clemens. (1893–1954)

"In keeping with the task assigned to me by the Führer..." - Two Typed Letters Signed

Pair of important TLS from the important Austrian conductor who served as director of the Vienna, Berlin and Munich opera houses.  The first, written to an unspecified recipient and concerning his artistic approach as a music director, was written less than two weeks after the German annexation of Austria and only three days before Krauss would write to Adolph Hitler, requesting that he be allowed to return to his native country and resume control of the Vienna State Opera.  Though a favorite of the Führer's, Krauss's application would be denied indirectly.  22 April 1938; 1 pp. on Bayerische Staatsoper stationary. In full, translated from the German, "My artistic plans and intentions can be briefly summarized as follows: / In keeping with the task assigned to me by the Führer, I am determined to raise the overall artistic level of the Munich State Opera by means of a systemic and constant development process, so that this house can rightfully claim the high rank it has been given, until the new Reichsoper in Munich is completed. / For the time being, I am focused on the maintenance and musical and scenic reorganization of the standard works of opera literature, and until the standard opera repertoire has been completely renewed, I will limit myself to particularly prominent and artistically valuable new performances. / My fundamental artistic tendency in the interpretation of opera works aims to always realize the Gesamtkunstwerk in as perfect a form as possible, i.e. to work out not only the musical, but also the dramatic and pictorial content, so that the synthesis of sound, word, representation and image in the achievable perfection can be brought to bear. / [Signature]."  Light vertical crease, else in fine condition.  7 x 9.25 inches (17.8 x 23.5 cm.).

The second, a memo to the staff of the Munich Opera, concerns a recent guest performance in Rome.  München, 5. August 1940; 1 pp. on stationary reading "Bekanntmachung," German for "Announcement."  In full, "On the occasion of the resumption of our work, I would be remiss to fail to express my heartfelt thanks to all members who participated in the Ariadne performance and the orchestral concert in Rome, or who participated in the preparation of that performance, for the personal commitment that everyone Individual has contributed to the full success of our project.  I can say with pride and joy that our guest performance in Rome was rewarded with a great and lasting success and that we were able to provide impressive evidence of the power and importance of German art and culture in the midst of world-shaking events. / The Gauleiter and Minister of State Adolf Wagner sent me the following telegram to Rome after our guest performance had ended successfully: / 'Dear Clemens Krauss, I am happy that the performance of the Munich Opera in Rome brought such an extraordinary success.  My warmest appreciation to you and all the members of the State Opera.  Adolf Wagner, Minister of State,' / of which I would like to inform the followers. / München, 5. August 1940. / [Signature]."  In fine condition.  7.75 x 10.5 inches (19.7 x 26.7 cm.). (19963)

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