Oistrakh, David. (1908–1974)

Signed Postcard Photograph

Color promotional postcard photograph of the legendary Soviet violinist, who has signed in blue marker.  A select listing of Oistrakh recordings available from Melodia and Eurodisc to verso.  Foxing to verso, somewhat poor ink adherence, otherwise in fine condition.  4 x 5.75 inches (10.2 x 14.6 cm.).

"Oistrakh was counted among the greatest violinists of his day, and the most characteristic representative of the Russian school.  This is remarkable since his training took place in Odessa, without contact with the Auer school.  However, while his early style stressed elegance, he developed his monumental style during his Moscow years.  His technical mastery was complete, his tone warm and powerful, and his approach a perfect fusion of virtuosity and musicianship.  His willingness to perform new music was notable and many Soviet composers dedicated works to him (Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Myaskovsky, Khachaturian, Rakov, Weinberg).  Oistrakh also played sonatas with Lev Oborin and trios with Oborin and Knushevitsky, and was known as a gifted conductor." (Boris Schwarz, New Grove Online.) (19953)

Classical Music
Signed Photograph