Cramer, Johann Baptist. (1771–1858) & Giornovichi, Giovanni (?1747–1804) & Schwarz, Charles (?–?)

Collection of 15 first and early editions for piano

Selection of works by or arranged by the German-born pianist and composer who studied with Carl Friedrich Abel and (briefly) with Clementi. One of the leading pianists of the period of transition from Classicism to Romanticism, Cramer was also the founder (1824) of the London music publishing firm Cramer & Company.  Engraved unless stated below. Toning around edges, light foxing, else in fine condition unless stated below.

Grand Concerto [no. 1 in E-flat major]... Op. 10. London: Preston & Son [1795]. Disbound oblong folio, 34 pp. No PN. Price: 7s 6d; Pianoforte Pt. only 5s. Piano part only, with tutti sections included and marked as such. Title detached; first numbered leaf creased and frayed at lower outer corner. First Edition. 13.3 x 9.4 inches (33.7 x 23.8cm).

Second Concerto Pour Forte-piano... Oeuvre 16. Paris: Sieber [1819]. Disbound upright folio, 32 pp. [PN] 127. Price: 7 livres 10 s. Handstamp of Sieber to foot of title. With partially removed pasteover from Augustin Filliatre et Neveu. Piano part only, with tutti sections included but not marked as such. Title stained, worn and with hole (papermaking defect), otherwise in fine condition. According to IMSLP, the work was first published by Birchall in London in 1797; however, the price in livres and sous strangely suggests that the present edition was published no later than 1795. 12.8 x 10.0 inches (32.7 x 25.5cm).

A Fourth Grand Concerto [in C major]... Op. 38. London: Clementi, Banger, Collard Davis & Collard [ca. 1810–18]. Disbound upright folio, 28 pp. No PN. Price: 8[s] 6[d]. Piano part only, with tutti sections included but not marked as such. Spine reinforced with paper tape. Later edition (or issue) printed from the plates of the first edition (London: Clementi, Banger, Hyde, Collard & Davis, 1806). 12.6 x 9.5 inches (32.0 x 24.2cm).

Cinquième Grand Concerto... Oeuvre 48. Paris: Erard [ca. 1811]. Sewn upright folio, 31 pp. [PN] 771. Price: 9 f. With pasteover from Janet et Cotelle. Piano part with tutti sections included in smaller noteheads and marked as such. Spine reinforced with contemporary paper tape. Edge yellow (not gilt). Fingering in pencil. Moderate foxing. 9.7 x 12.7 inches (24.7 x 32.2cm). 

Giornovichi's Concerto, Expresly [sic] Composed for the Opera Concert, 1796. Arranged for the Piano Forte With Accompaniments for Violins, Alto, Flutes, Horns, and Bass... [no op.]. London: Corri, Dussek & Co [ca. 1797]. Disbound upright folio, 23 pp. [PN] 638. Price: 7s 6d. Arrangement of a violin concerto in F major by Giovanni Giornovichi. Piano part only. No foxing. In very fine condition overall. First edition. 13.5 x 9.5 inches (34.3 x 24.1cm).

A New Grand Sonata [in D major]... Op. 20... London: John Longman, Clementi & Comp. Disbound upright folio, 17 pp. No PN. Price: 4 s. With inscription in ink to head of p. 1, "The gift of Mr. Bernard." No foxing. First edition. 13.3 x 9.7 inches (33.8 x 24.5cm). 

Sonate [in G major]... Oeuvre 30 [sic]. Offenbach: Jean André [1808]. Disbound oblong folio, 19 pp. Lithograph. [PN] 2423. Price: 1.15 kr. With pasteover from H. C. Steup, Amsterdam. The opus number is mysterious; according to MGG2, the number 30 is assigned to a collection of 42 etudes, and there is no sonata with this opus number, which is apparently otherwise known by a different number. The sonata is not in IMSLP. 9.6 x 12.7 inches (24.3 x 32.2cm).

Sonate Pour Le Piano Forte [in E-flat major] dans laquelle on a introduit Les Airs du Rule Brittanique [= Rule Britannia] et La Bonne Aventure O Gué... op. 49. Paris: Imbault. Disbound upright folio, 14 pp. [PN] 164. Price: 6 f. Publisher's handstamp to foot of title. Later edition. 13.2x10.1 inches (33.6 x 25.5cm).

Sonate Nouvelle [in D minor]... Oeuvre 63. Paris: Maurice Schlesinger [ca. 1821]. Disbound upright folio, 23 pp. [PN] 31. Price: 5 f. Publisher's handstamp to foot of title. Moderate foxing. Very early edition, although not confirmed as first. 13.1 x 9.8 inches (33.2 x 24.9cm).

Rousseau's Dream: An Air with Variations... [no op.]. London: Chappell & Co [1814]. Disbound upright folio, 9 pp. [PN] 216. Price: 3s. Fingerings in pencil in old English style ("X" for the thumb). First Edition. 12.9 x 9.5 inches (32.9 x 24.3cm).

Le songe: Air de J.J. Rousseau: Avec Introduction et dix Variations... [no op.]. Paris: Mme Joly [after 1817]. Disbound upright folio, 9 pp. No PN. No price. Publisher's handstamp to foot of title. Fingerings and other annotations in pencil in an unknown hand. 13.2 x 10.1 inches (33.3 x 25.6cm). 

Le songe de J.J. Rousseau: Air avec Variations... [no op.]. Copenhagen: C.C. Lose. Disbound upright folio, 8 pp. (paginated 14-21). No PN. No price. Title in Danish to head of first page of music: "Rouseaus Dröm." 9.3 x 12.8 inches (23.9 x 32.7cm). 

The Celebrated Air: Love Has Eyes: Arranged as a Rondo... [no op.]. New York: Dubois & Stodart. Disbound upright folio, 9 pp. No PN. Price: $1. With oxidation causing ghosted mirroring of the text to opposite page. 12.9 x 9.8 inches (32.9 x 25.0cm).

Days of Yore: A Divertimento... [no op.]. London: Chappell & Co. [before 1815]. Disbound upright folio, 12 pp. [PN] 244. Price: 4s. No foxing. Fingerings and other annotations in pencil in an unknown hand. 12.8 x 9.5 inches (32.4 x 24.2cm).

[Divertissement "La Reunion"] Musikalischer Ehrentempel 2ter Jahrgang, Heft 15 und 16. Hamburg: J. A. Böhme and Aug. Cranz [1831]. Includes Sonata [in B-flat major], op. 15, by C[harles] Schwarz and Divertissement "La Reunion" [in G major] by J. B. Cramer. Unbound oblong folio, 23 pp. [PN] (2.J. E T. 15. 16.). No Price. Dampstained to head. The identity of Charles Schwarz is unknown. None of the standard reference works (including Grove and MGG2) list a composer of this name; neither does IMSLP include any music by him. His full first name is supplemented from the entry of the present edition in the catalog of Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung, Berlin. 10.7 x 13.3 inches (27.2 x 33.5cm). (19719)