Dallapiccola, Luigi. (1904–1975)

Collection of Correspondence Related to a Lecture on Language and Music in Italian Melodrama

Grouping of one Typed and three Autograph Letters Signed from the Italian composer to Professor Irma Antonetto of the Associazione Culturale Italiana regarding a speaking arrangement, dated April 1963 through January 1964.  In the first letter (ALS; Rome, 27 April 1963; 1 pp. on Conservatorio di Musica "Luigi Cherubini" Florence stationary), Dallapiccola suggests possible dates in December of the same year or January of the following when he might be available.  The second letter, a TLS dated 1 May 1963 (Florence; 1 pp. on A4 paper), notes, "I have included the drawing reproduced and enlarged, and an ugly portrait (the only one I have)."  In the third letter (ALS; Florence, 17 December 1963; 1 pp. on A4 paper), he discusses his lecture, which will concern the language of opera librettos, particularly Italian melodrama in the 19th century.  In the final letter (ALS;  Florence, 16 January 1964;  1 pp. on A4 paper), he confirms his arrival time.  Dallapiccola gave a lecture entitled "Words and Music in Italian Melodrama" at the ACI on January 24, 1964.  Expected mailing folds, two holes punched in left margin, some creasing, else fine.

Together with Goffredo Petrassi (1904–2003), Luigi Dallapiccola was the most significant Italian composer of his generation, writing marvelous and lyrical 12-tone compositions full of impressionistic textures.  He wrote two major operas (Il Prigoniero and Ulisse), and was teacher of Berio and Rands among others.

Irma Antonetto (1920-1993), was founder and director of the Associazione Culturale Italiana [Association of Italian Culture] for 46 years, during which time she brought some 400 philosophers, writers, scientists, artists, and Nobel winners to lecture in Italy. She was recipient of the 1964 Cavaliere al merito della Repubblica italiana. (19146)

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