[Monteux, Pierre. (1875–1964)] Stravinsky, Igor. (1882–1971) & Serkin, Rudolf. (1903–1991) & Rudolf, Max. (1902–1995) & Fiedler, Arthur. (1894–1979) & Caen, Herb. (1916–1997) & Lipman, Samuel. (1934–1994)

Collection of Birthday Telegrams

Collection of seven Western Union telegrams dated 1939–1955 addressed to Pierre and Doris Monteux from famous composers and musicians such as Igor Stravinsky, Rudolf Serkin, Max Rudolf, and Arthur Fiedler.  Five telegrams convey birthday wishes to Pierre Monteux, from Stravinsky (April 3 1950, 8:12 PM) in full, "Although bodily not present at Monteux's celebration I will be spiritually with this most important orchestra builder and conductor of our time.  Long life to Pierre Monteux," Serkin (April 3 1950, 2:43 PM) in part, "Happy birthday to you dearest Maestro," Fiedler and his wife Ellen (April 4 1950, 9:22 AM) in part, "Regret exceedingly impossible to arrive in time to accept your kind invitation," humorist Herb Caen (April 3 1950, 1:47 PM) in full, "Dear Chummy congratulations on reaching the half way mark of your great career the best is yet to come regards," and pianist Samuel Lipman (April 4 1955, 5:22 AM) in part, "Best wishes for many more years of good health [s]uccess and service to your ideal."  Together with two telegrams of miscellaneous correspondence, including one from Max Rudolf (November 16 1953, 6:31 PM) and another from a couple identified only as "Joan and Brian" (November 16 1939, 11:05 PM).  8 x 5.75 inches (20.3 x 14.5 cm.).  Fine.

The great conductor Pierre Monteux was known for conducting the premiere of the Rite of Spring and for his tenures with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Orchestre Symphonique de Paris, and the San Francisco Symphony. Pierre and Doris Monteux met in 1922, during Monteux's time with the BSO. Though he was married (to his second wife, Germaine) and she had two children from a previous marriage, their attraction was immediate. They became a couple, although they could not marry until Germaine granted Monteux a divorce, and Monteux legally adopted Doris' children. They remained devoted to each other for the rest of their lives, frequently traveling together and together founding the Pierre Monteux School for conductors in Doris' native Maine. (19085)

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