Glière, Reinhold. (1875–1956) [Monteux, Pierre. (1875–1964)]

"We wish you a speedy return to your beautiful homeland, in the liberation of which we firmly believe" - Typed Letter Signed to Monteux

TLS from the Russian composer to the French conductor, regarding the acquisition of new Russian repertoire.  26 July (erroneously typed as June and hand-corrected) 1943, Moscow;  1 p. on A4 Union of Soviet Composers USSR stationary.  In the letter, written in Glière's capacity as the Chairman of the USCUSSR, he advises (translated from the Russian) "[i]f you would like to include new works by Soviet composers in your repertoire, please write me, and [the Union] will send you the appropriate materials.  Unfortunately, transportation difficulties prevent [Russian composers] from sending notes directly to interested parties."  The reference to "transportation difficulties" is one of several made to the circumstances of World War 2 throughout the letter.  Glière opens by thanking Monteux for his "expression of sympathy for the Motherland," and concludes by wishing him "a speedy return to [his] beautiful homeland, in the liberation of which we firmly believe."  Signed "Р. Глиэр" (R. Glière).  Expected mailing folds, small horizontal tear to right edge, else in fine condition.

The Composers' Union of the USSR, known from 1932 to 1957 as the Union of Soviet Composers, was "a voluntary organization of composers and musicologists of the USSR... established in response to the [Central Committee's] resolution On the Restructuring of Literary and Artistic Organizations." Before merging into a single organization in 1939, individual unions existed in Moscow, Leningrad, and other prominent cities.  ("Composers Union of the USSR." The Great Soviet Encyclopedia, 3rd Edition, 1979) 

The great conductor Pierre Monteux was known for conducting the premiere of the Rite of Spring and for his tenures with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Orchestre Symphonique de Paris, and the San Francisco Symphony. (19075)

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