[Child Composer] Bredshall, Edward. (1905 - ?)

Fantasie in C# Minor, Op. 1 for Piano - Composed at the Age of 5 Years

Chicago: Art Music Co.. 1910. First Edition. Upright folio.  Title, Publisher's note, 3-6 pp. printed music.  Lithograph.  Fantasie for piano written by a five-year old Bredshall, whose photograph is accompanied by the moniker "The Baby Pianist."  Some edge wear, chipping at lower right corner, split along spine of outer wrapping, small piece of tape to left side, else fine.  10.5 x 14 (26.7 x 35.6 cm.).

Bredshall was a child prodigy, concert pianist, and music teacher perhaps best known for having been the first formal instructor for Ruth Laredo (1937–2005).  From the Publisher's Note contained herein: "Edward Bredshall the marvelous musical prodigy known as 'The Baby Pianist' and 'The Baby Composer,' is believed to be the youngest composer living.  He is likewise pronounced by high authority the greatest child pianist in this country.  A concert pianist and a composer of classic music, correctly harmonized and with perfect rhythm, at an age of five years, is a record that may have no parallel./  To gratify urgent requests of friends and admirers for printed copies of his music, the parents have finally consented to the publication of a few of his compositions, the merits of which, are herewith graciously submitted." (18947)

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