Bernstein, Leonard. (1918–1990)

"TOO LAZY" - Autograph Acrostic Signed Postcard to Reneé Longy

Amusing autograph letter from the eminent American conductor and composer to Reneé Longy Miquelle (1897–1979), Bernstein's former teacher at Curtis where he studied score reading and ear training with her.  Dated "Aug 13 '58," written on a postcard and in the form of an acrostic (the first letters of each line spelling "Too Lazy" when read top to bottom):

"Dear R:

Thanks for your lovely acrostical note.
Of course I'd love to come see you, but
Oh Lord, I'm much too jealous of these

Lovely island days to go anywhere.
And two weeks from now is my birthday, anyway.
Zut, alors, I must stay put and rest. It's been
Years since I had a vacation. But much love, + have a lovely summer -


Fine condition, 6.25 x 3.25 inches (15.9 x 8.25 cm.). (18913)

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