[Pianists] Bauer, Harold. (1873–1951) & Carreras, Maria. (1877–1966) & Friedberg, Carl. (1872–1955) & Gabrilowitsch, Ossip. (1878–1936) & Gieseking, Walter. (1895-1956) & Godowsky, Leopold. (1870–1938) & Goodson, Katharine. (1872–1958) & Hess, Myra. (1890–1965) & Hofmann, Josef. (1876-1957) & Horowitz, Vladimir. (1903–1989) & Hughes, Edwin. (1884–1965) & Hutcheson, Ernest. (1871-1951) & lturbi, José. (1895–1980) & Jonás, Alberto. (1868–1943) & Lhévinne, Josef. (1874–1944) & Moiseiwitsch, Benno. (1890–1963) & Novaes, Guiomar (1895-1979) & Petri, Egon. (1881-1962) & Raab, Alexander. (1882–1940) & Reuter, Rudolph. (1920–1983) & Rosenthal, Moriz. (1862–1946) & Samaroff, Olga. (1880–1948) & Samuel, Harold. (1879–1937) & Sauer, Emil von. (1862-1942) & Schelling, Ernest. (1876–1939) & Schmitz, E. Robert. (1889–1949) & Schnabel, Artur. (1882-1951) & Siloti, Alexander. (1863–1945) & Stojowski, Zygmunt. (1870-1946) & Yon, Pietro. (1886–1943)

Pianist Autograph Collection

Impressive collection of signatures from many of the greatest pianists and organists of the first half of the twentieth century, including such luminaries as Vladimir Horowitz, Josef Lhévinne, Leopold Godowsky, Artur Schnabel, and Emil von Sauer, lovingly arranged and mounted on photo album paper along with half-tone images clipped from magazines and newspapers.  Fine condition.  Pages measure 9.75 x 11.5 inches (24.8 x 29.2 cm.), signatures are on various approx. 3.25 x 2.25 inch (8.2 x 5.7 cm.) cards, without inscription or date unless otherwise noted. As follows:

Harold Bauer, inscribed "Yours truly/ Harold Bauer";  Maria Carreras;  Walter Gieseking, "To Roger Derby/ with best wishes/ very truly yours/ Walter Gieseking," and includes one loose photo of the pianist in old age;  Carl Friedberg;  Ossip Gabrilowitsch, dated in his hand "Detroit, April 1931";  Two full pages of images of Leopold Godowsky, whose inscription reads "To Mr. Roger Derby/ Sincerely/ Leopold Godowsky/ August 27th, 1937";  Katherine Goodson;  Myra Hess, "Yours sincerely/ Myra Hess";  Vladimir Horowitz;  Edwin Hughes, "To Roger Derby/ with cordial greetings/ Edwin Hughes/ New York CIty/ April 18, 1931", along with four pages taken from a flyer or program about the pianist, including a biography and pull quotes from reviews of his recitals;  Ernest Hutcheson, dated April 17, 1931;  José Iturbi, "Recuerdo de José Iturbi/ 1932";  Alberto Jonás;  Josef Lhévinne, "With compliments/ Josef Lhévinne/ April 22-1931/ Kew Gardens, NY";  Benno Moiseiwitsch, "Yours sincerely/ Benno Moiseiwitsch/ May 1931";  Guiomar Novaes, who signed with her married name "Very sincerely/ Guiomar Novaes Pinto/ 1932";  Egon Petri, dated New York, April 1932;  Alexander Raab;  Rudolph Reuter, dated August 1931;  Moriz Rosenthal, dated May 1st 1931, with Rosenthal's  mailing envelope;  Olga Samaroff;  Harold Samuel, who has rather charmingly written his name across a hand-drawn stave;  Emil von Sauer, "Emil v. Sauer/ Dresden. Aug. 8th. 1932," mailing envelope postmarked 8. 8. 32 with Luftpost stamp included;  Ernest Schelling;  E. Robert Schmitz;  Artur Schnabel, dated "3.XI.33";  Alexander Siloti, "A. Siloti/ X.16.32./ New York";  Zygmunt Stojowski, "Compliments of/ Sigismund Stojowski";  and Pietro Yon, along with a Minneapolis Star and Tribune clipping about the restoration of Carnegie Hall, where Yon resided for many years;  Also includes several images of Josef Hofmann without a signature. (18694)

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