Albee, Edward. (1928–2016)

"Alas, I have missed the opportunity" - Typed Letter Signed

TLS from the American playwright to Professor Irma Antonetto expressing regret that he has missed her invitation to speak in front of the Associazione Culturele Italiana.  Dated 16 February 1965 in New York; 1 pp., on hole-punched A4 paper.  "For some reason that I cannot quite understand, your letter of May 14 last year has just come to my attention...Perhaps you could extend the invitation to me another time."  Usual mailing folds, else fine.

Edward Albee was the three-time Pulitzer Prize–winning American dramatist best known for such modern classics as Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, A Delicate Balance, and Seascape.

Irma Antonetto (1920-1993), was founder and director of the Associazione Culturale Italiana [Association of Italian Culture] for 46 years, during which time she brought some 400 philosophers, writers, scientists, artists, and Nobel winners to lecture in Italy. She was recipient of the 1964 Cavaliere al merito della Repubblica italiana. (18546)

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