Copland, Aaron. (1900–1990)

Fantasía Mexicana - SIGNED SCORE

New York: Boosey & Hawkes. Upright 4to.  Signed piano score of excerpts from the important American composer's El Salón México, arranged by Johnny Green for the 1947 film Fiesta.  Copland has signed at the head of the first page of music "Aaron Copland / 1977".  Originally published 1947, this edition ca. 1970.  [No PN].  Some light wear at edges, but overall in very fine condition.  5 pp. self-printed wrappers.  9 x 12 inches (23 x 30.5 cm).

"From the time of Copland's first visit to Mexico City in 1932, when his friend Carlos Chávez took him to the colorful nightclub called El Salón México, Copland wanted to compose a piece about the unusual dance hall. He said, 'I was attracted by the spirit of the place and by the Mexican people. Using Mexican melodies seemed appropriate. My purpose was not merely to quote literally, but to heighten without in any way falsifying the natural simplicity of Mexican tunes.' Much to Copland's surprise and delight, El Salón México was welcomed warmly in Mexico and has consistently been one of his most performed pieces. He said, 'Never in my wildest dreams did I expect this kind of acceptance for the piece!' (Vivian Perlis,, 1998) (18536)

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