Guilbert, Yvette. (1865–1944) [Tarquini D'Or, Mathilde. (1863–1945)]

"Soirée du Réveillon, Yvette Guilbert en Caricatures" - Signed Original 1932 Program to Mathilde Tarquini d'Or

Signed richly illustrated program from an "evening of memories" presented by the 67-year-old renowned French actress and cabaret singer on December 24th, 1932, inscribed: "A Madame Tarquini d’Or en Vielle et fidèle sympathie. Yvette Guilbert / 1936."    The evening's program, printed in the midst of 11 pages of caricatures and portraits of Guilbert by many important artists of the period, presents her in performances from various periods in her famous career, beginning with "Quelques souvenirs du Chat Noir et de ses Collaborateurs." 24 x 28 cm.  In fine condition throughout.

The French soprano Mathilde Tarquini d'Or was the longtime companion of Aristide Bruant,  French cabaret singer, comedian, and nightclub owner, best known as the man in the red scarf and black cape featured on certain famous Lautrec posters.  (18513)