[Dance Placards]

Cranberry-Red Orchestra Signs

Six hand-painted placards, America, ca. 1860, which would have been displayed by an orchestra or band at a dance, alerting the audience to the proper steps. Each sign has a different popular dance written on each side, with the selections including Polka, Schottische, March, Quadrille, Waltz, Mazurka, Varieties, Gavotte, Lancers, York, Triange, and Selection. While the orchestra to whom these belonged is unknown, the included original carrying case bears the initials "AEO". Minor paint loss, else very fine. Placards 12.25 x 2 inches (31.1 x 5 cm.), case 13 x 3 inches (33.5 x 7.5 cm.). Graphically attractive, evocative, wonderful.  (18511)

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