[Haydn, Joseph. (1732–1809)]

"A Grand Selection...First Act of The Creation" - Original 1817 Broadside

Original broadside for a Friday, March 14, 1817 concert at Theatre Royal, Covent Garden featuring the "First Act of The Creation, Composed by Dr. Haydn," "Two Grand Miscellaneous Acts," a rendition of "God Save the King," and a performance of Concerto on Violin by one Miss Tremean.  Creases and rough edges, uneven trim and tear in lower right corner, but overall in fine condition.  Approximately 8.25 x 12.25 inches (21.3 x 42.5 cm).

Miss Tremean, first name unknown, was a violin prodigy from Bath in England. She was discovered by George Smart, and made her London debut in 1817.

The Mr. Drouet who played variations on "God Save the King" was Louis Drouet (1792–1873), a French flautist and composer who was close friends with Felix Mendelssohn. In his teenage years, Drouet was the teacher of Louis Bonaparte, Napoléon's brother.

"There is hardly any doubt in the mind of the average music-lover that Haydn's Oratorio The Creation is, tutto sommato, his greatest single accomplishment, and certainly ranks as one of the greatest products of any eighteenth-century mind. It occupies a central position in choral literature and its composition and first performances were the dominant features of Haydn's life in the late 1790s." (Robbins Landon: Haydn Chronicle and Works Vol. IV: Haydn The Years of 'The Creation' 1796-1800, p. 12) (18499)