Roach, Max. (1924–2007) & Lincoln, Abbey. (1930–2010)

"We Insist!" - Signed LP

Signed Swedish reissue of the jazz drummer's 1960 album, We Insist!, inscribed on the back "For Ken, Max 11/26/80” and also signed at a later date by singer Abbey Lincoln, whose signature is dated 1983. Reissued on Amigo, AMLP 810. Album features Coleman Hawkins, Booker Little, Julian Priester, Walter Benton, and Olatunji.

Jazz drummer Max Roach and singer Oscar Brown began work on the Freedom Now Suite in early 1960, intending to perform it in 1963 on the fiftieth anniversary of Emancipation. A recording was released in December of 1960 under the title We Insist! The work was consciously and explicitly political, with movements spanning slavery, emancipation, the civil rights movement, and African independence movements. The photograph on the cover evokes the lunch counter sit-ins that were a regular feature of civil rights protests. (18451)

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