Fleischer, Max (1883-1972)

Signed Fleischer Studios Postcard

Signed postcard from the pioneer in the development of the animated cartoon, with a printed illustration featuring Betty Boop, Koko the Clown, and Bimbo. Koko's speech bubble, with printed text and the name of the recipient added in ink, reads: "Hello Robert/ Betty, Bimbo and I just stepped out of the movies to hang around with you." Under the illustration, printed text reads: "Here they are! Paramount funmakers at your service. Sincerely, yours, Fleischer Studios Inc.," followed by Fleischer's autograph signature in purple ink. The card is addressed to Robert C. Gillespie in Limestone, TN, with a 1.5¢ stamp featuring Warren G. Harding, and is postmarked as New York, N.Y. 1932. Some light wear along the edges and at the corners, and a few stray marks, but overall fine. 6.25 x 3.625 inches (15.8 x 9.2 cm).

Born in Krákow and raised in New York, Max Fleischer grew up to cofound Fleischer Studios, the animation pioneers behind such well known characters as Betty Boop, Popeye, and the original series of Superman animated shorts. Amongst his many achievements in the field, Fleischer is credited with the invention of rotoscoping and the sing-a-long short. (18266)

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