Paine, John Knowles. (1839 - 1906)

"Opera Azara" - Autograph Musical Quotation

AMQS from the American composer and teacher, who has penned four measures for piano in G minor, and identified it below as "From Moorish Dance, Opera Azara." On an oblong sheet, slightly irregularly trimmed, central vertical crease, small nicks and creases around the edges; otherwise very crisp and in fine condition. 3 x 7 in. (7.6 x 17.8 cm).  Together with a halftone photograph showing the composer holding a score, clipped from a magazine and mounted to another sheet, approximately 8 x 6.25 in. (20.3 x 15.8 cm)

An important figure in American music history, Paine, a composer and teacher, "was the first native-born American to win acceptance as a composer of large-scale concert music, and one of the first to be named professor of music in an American university (Harvard)... He met and played for Clara Schumann; and he was affected by the rediscovery of the music of Bach then current in Berlin...He awakened a regard for music among many generations of Harvard men. His writings testify to his insistence upon the place of music within the liberal arts... Paine nourished the Harvard community with over 100 original musical compositions for use in campus plays, concerts and other diversions...Throughout his career, Paine’s music in general was characterized by a strong sense of tonality, by regular metric organization and distinctive rhythmic figuration, by sensitive orchestration and textural devices, and by controlled harmony marked by an increasing chromaticism." (Grove Online) (18262)

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