[Kennedy, John F. (1917–1963)]

"Kennedy is the Remedy" - Abbie Hoffman's 1960 DNC Delegate Vest

Original cotton promotional vest from the 1960 Democratic National Convention, printed with red and blue stripes and the motto "Kennedy is the Remedy," and from the collection of political activist and anarchist Abbie Hoffman. The vest creates the look of an old-fashioned waistcoat with buttons and a pocket chain, and ties behind the back with cotton tapes. Lightly faded, but overall in fine condition. 16 x 23 inches. Together with a typed letter signed from Jerome Lieberman, a relative of Hoffman by marriage, explaining the provenance of the item.

The 1960 Convention, held in Los Angeles, yielded the nomination of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson.  Abbie Hoffman, an attendee at the convention, came into possession of this "Kennedy is the Remedy" vest, which was given to delegates and supporters to show their backing of the future president. Hoffman gave the vest to family member Jerome Lieberman in 1972.

Controversial political and social activist Abbie Hoffman was a fixture in the 1960s; his notoriety growing with the 1968 Democratic National Convention where, as one of the "Chicago Seven," his protests resulted in a violent police response and subsequent headline-grabbing trial. Hoffman was a co-founder of the Youth International Party ("Yippies"), and became a vocal antiwar activist. His 1970 book Steal This Book focused on ways to fight what he viewed as government and corporate oppression. (18036)

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