[Cuban Musicians] Nin, Joaquin. (1879–1949)

Collection of Signed Postcards with Autograph Musical Quotations

An attractive and interesting group of 19 signed color postcards from Cuban composers, musicians, and artists of the early twentieth century. Included are autographs from Ignacio Cervantes (AMQS, Charleston, 1902); Angel B. Massanet (n.d.); Hubert de Blanck (AMQS, n.d.); Eduardo les Peyrellade (AMQS, 1902); painter Mario Carreño (November 8, 1936); Serafin Ramirez (n.d.); Joaquin Nin (autograph signature with long inscription, April 1902); Mario Gonzales (AMQS, July 25, 1902); Pablo Anckerman (AMQS); Jose Maria Joval (AMQS, April 4, 1902); Maria de la Presa (AMQS, 1904); Manuel Maury (AMQS, 1902); Jose Mauri (AMQS, n.d.); Enrique Jordá (AMQS, n.d.); Jose Marin Varona (AMQS, June 5, 1902); Modesto Julian (AMQS, n.d.); Antonio Martin (AMQS, May 14, 1902); Benjamin Orbón (AMQS, February 19, 1905); and Jose Fernandez (AMQS, July 27, 1902). Very elegantly penned on postcards of opera scenes. Toning and foxing; overall fine, and together with slips of paper in a collector's hand identifying each. Each 5.5 x 3.5 inches (13.8 x 8.8 cm).

Of special interest is the signed piece by Joaquin Nin.  A student of Moritz Moszkowski, he toured as a pianist and was known as a composer and arranger of popular Spanish folk music. Nin was a member of the Spanish Academy and the French Legion of Honor and, with singer Rosa Culmell, was the father of Thorvald Nin, composer Joaquin Nin-Culmell, and writer Anaïs Nin. (18023)

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