[Rabin, Michael. (1936–1972)] Creston, Paul. (1906-1985)

Violin Concerto No. 2, Op. 78

[1960]. Spiral bound dyline rehearsal copy made from Creston's own manuscript. The orchestral score (46 pp.) and the solo violin part (19 pp.) are each bound separately. This score was commissioned by the Ford Foundation for Michael Rabin and remains unpublished (a piano reduction was published in 1966).  Some light toning, rust to spiral binding; overall fine. Score 11 x 14 inches; violin part 10 x 13 inches. 

"Creston was already the recipient of a number of honors and awards, including a Guggenheim Fellowship and a New York Music Critics' Circle Award. He had completed his first violin Concerto three years earlier, although it was by no means certain Michael knew the work, which was already rarely performed. Entirely self-taught, with a unique, albeit conservative, style of composition that made use of lush harmonies and expansive orchestration, he was thought of as a composer of the romantic era working in the 20th century. This must have endeared him to Michael, whose own penchant for the romantic violin repertoire was already well established. Creston's fame was another factor that may have swayed Michael and Galamian. Toscanini and the NBC Symphony had championed him earlier, and by the late 1950s, he was among the most widely performed contemporary American composers." (Anthony Feinstein, "Michael Rabin: America's Virtuoso Violinist," p. 150). (17779)

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