[Opera & Theater] Wolter, Charlotte. (1834–1897) & Wohlgemuth, Else. (1881–1972) & Krauss, Werner. (1884–1959) & Jerger, Alfred. (1889–1976)

Album of Operatic and Theatrical Autographs and Signed Photographs

Impressive autograph album containing signed postcard photographs and other autographs from Austrian and German actors, opera singers and others from ca. 1920's–1930's. Included are signatures from Charlotte Wolter, Else Wohlgemuth, Hilde Wagener, Werner Krauß, tenor Alfred Piccaver, Auguste Wilbrandt-Baudius, Maria Paudler, Bella Paalen, Alfred Jerger, Erich Meller, Viktor Flemming, Philipp Zeska, Paul Pranger, Hans Mose, Hans Duhan, Alfred Jerger, Marie Gerhart, Paul Hartmann, conductor Robert Heger, Albert Heine, Otto Schmöle, writer Rudolf Hans Bartsch (ALS, August 18, 1912), Henny Porten, Gusti Pichler, Ludwig Andersen, and many others. Many of the performers are represented by two autographs on facing pages. Ca. 52 different signatures in total, with several unsigned photographs also included throughout. In fine condition overall, most photographs mounted without glue. 4.5 x 6.5 inches (12 x 16.5 cm). (17702)

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