Copland, Aaron. (1900–1990) [Diamond, David. (1915–2005)]

Autograph Letter Signed to David Diamond

Autograph letter signed from the important American composer to the sister of composer David Diamond, Sabina Diamond Cohen (1901-1991). June 15, 1954; 1 p. Copland writes: "Dear Sabina: This is sent to you on David's instructions. When I saw him in Florence 6 weeks ago he was in fine shape. Friendly greetings, Aaron." Tape remnants to the corners; otherwise fine. 5 x 7.75 inches (12.5 x 20 cm).

From the collection of David Diamond, considered one of the preeminent American composers of his generation. He enjoyed wide success in the 1940's and 1950's, before the serial and modernist trends largely pushed him into the shadows. The New York Times described him as "part of what some considered a forgotten generation of great American symphonists, including Howard Hanson, Roy Harris, William Schuman, Walter Piston and Peter Mennin."

Diamond's nephew, Noal Cohen, recalled in a 2015 interview with radio station WXXI that "My mother, Sabina Diamond Cohen, was David’s keeper. She did everything for him, including paying his bills on time. Their relationship was a bit bizarre in that she was more a mother figure than a sibling, at least regarding routine matters of daily life. [...] My mother took care of the mundane daily responsibilities associated with David’s life, but he reciprocated by providing her with knowledge and tastes that he had acquired from his own extensive contacts, travels and experiences as a creative artist." (17545)

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