[Franck, César. (1822–1890)] Lamourdedieu, Raoul. (1877–1953)

Portrait Medal

Portrait medal of the important composer by Raoul Lamourdedieu. Undated, but likely made for Franck's centenary in 1922. Franck is shown in a bust profile, head slightly turned to the right; the verso shows angels playing trumpets with two figures praying, and the text: "Panis Angelicus / Les Beatitudes." 2 5/8 inches (6.7 cm). Niggl 654. One dent to the edge on the recto and light rubbing.

From the collection of musical medals formed by Paul Niggl and which served as the basis for his book Musiker Medaillen (Darmstadt, 1965). The collection remained intact after Niggl's death, was offered for sale as a single lot by Spink & Son in 1998, and the items then sold at auction by Baldwin's in 2008. (17214)

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