Group of Unusual Avant-Garde Scores

Collection of 18 editions of avant-garde compositions from the 1950's–1960's, including pieces by John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Morton Feldman, Maurico Kagel, and others. Most of the scores have unusual pictorial or graphic notation, for example scores designed to be read right-side-up and then upside-down (Komorous' Olympia) or graphical scores which can be "read" in an order chosen by the performer (Kasemet's Timepiece.) Some display enormous complexity, as in Kayn's Signals, while others are minimal and pictorial: Kagel's Himmelsmechanik consists of a series of scenery drawings with timed sound effects of wind and weather. Overall a very interesting overview of experiments in musical notation and compositional practice during the post-war avant-garde. Scores of varying sizes, the largest 11.5 x 17.5 inches; overall in fine condition, with a few with slight water damage.  

Earle Brown. Folio and 4 Systems. New York: Associated Music Publishers, 1961.
Sylvano Bussotti. Cinque Frammenti All'Italia: "Ancora odono i colli," "Solo el misterio," "La curva dell'amore," "Rar' ancora." Milan: Ricordi, 1968. Four of the group of five virtuosic pieces for vocal sextet. One with slight water damage.
George Cacioppo. Holy Ghost Vacuum or America Faints. For electric organ. Ontario: BMI Canada, 1969.
John Cage. Water Music. New York: Henmar Press, 1960.
Franco Donatoni. Babai, per clavicembalo. Milan: Edizioni Suvini Zerboni, 1965.
Morton Feldman. The King of Denmark. For solo percussion. New York: Peters, 1965.
Roman Haubenstock-Ramati. Credentials, or "Think, think Lucky" for voice and 8 platers. Wien: Universal Edition, 1963. UE 13676.
Mauricio Kagel. Die Himmelsmechanik. Komposition mit Bühnenbildern. London: Universal Edition, 1967. 
Udo Kasemets. Communications. A non-composition for singer(s), speaker(s), instrumentalist(s), dancer(s), etcetera, based on poems by e. e. cummings. Ontario: EMI Canada, 1969.
Udo Kasemets. Timepiece. Ontario: EMI Canada, 1964.
Roland Kayn. Signals per Orchestra (1964–66). Milan: Edizioni Suvini Zerboni, 1966.
Rudolf Komorous. Olympia. For percussion ensemble. Universal Editions 14407. Some water damage. 
Petr Kotík. Hudba pro 3 (Music for 3). Wien: Universal Edition, 1965. UE 14251.
Karlheinz Stockhausen. Nr. 3 Elektronische Studien, Studie II. London: Universal Edition, 1956. UE 12466.
R. Murray Schafer. Statement in Blue for Youth Orchestra. Ontario: BMI Canada, 1963. 


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