Spontini, Gaspare. (1774–1851)

Portrait Medal

1829 Portrait medal of the Italian opera composer and conductor by Christoph Carl Pfeuffer Recto with a raised portrait bust in half profile to the left and the text: "SPONTINIO EQUITI CLARO PRIMO MUSICI AGONIS SUI DIRECTORI / HAL. SAXON. D.X - SEPT. MDCCCXXIX" and signed "C. LOOS DIR." The verso with a laurel wreath and the text around the border: "LYRICAE TRAGOEDIAE PRINCIPI GERMANIA MERITORUM CULTRIX," with inside the wreath: "VESTALIS / CORTES / OLYMPIA / NURMAHAL / ALCIDOR / AGNES STAUF / MILTON / CET." Andorfer & Epstein 288. Niggl 1925. 2 inches (5.2 cm). (17139)

Classical Music