Roqué, Julio. (1896–?)

"Let Me Keep My Dream Forever" - Signed Sheet Music

Signed sheet music from the American pianist, composer, arranger and radio broadcaster who pioneered Spanish-language broadcasting in 1920's New York and promoted many Hispanic musicians. He has signed and inscribed at the head of the Christmas-themed song for piano and voice. Copyright 1950 by Julio Roqué and published by BMI. Some toning and small stains; overall very good. 8.5 x 11 inches (21.5 x 28 cm).

"The son of a wealthy white family from Aguadilla, Roqué had a thriving Harlem dental practice by the early 1920s and quickly established himself as 'the Gertrude Stein' of the Puerto Rican and Latino musical community in New York City. Roqué's radio show, Revista Roqué, (Roqué's Revue), begun in 1924, was probably the earliest Spanish-language radio program in New York City. The program aired 'the exotic melodies of Spanish America,' performed by local and visiting artists, and featured Roqué's own orchestra and many of his compositions." Ruth Glasser: My Music is My Flag: Puerto Rican Musicians and Their New York Communities (University of California Press, 1995), p. 111. (17096)

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