Remington, Eliphalet. (1793–1861)

Signed 1853 Bank Check

Signed bank check from the founder of the Remington Arms Co., dated March 28, 1853. Partially printed with a woodcut of a blacksmith at left, drawn on the Cashier of Ilion Ban, made payable to "Wm. Harrington" for ten dollars, and signed "E. Remington & Sons" at the lower right. Small cross-shaped tear to the center, otherwise fine. 7.25 x 2.5 inches (18.4 x 6.7 cm).

Trained as a blacksmith, Eliphalet Remington turned to gunsmithing at an early age, forging his first rifle barrel at the age of 22. Soon he founded his factory in upstate New York at Remington' Corners, later Ilion. In the 1840's, Remington supplied the U.S. Army with rifles in the Mexican War and the U.S. Navy with its first breech-loading rifle. The company expanded during the nineteenth century to manufacture farming tools, sewing machines, and typewriters, but later focused back on firearms. Remington Arms Company, LLC is now America's oldest gun maker.  (17067)

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