Joachim, Joseph. (1831–1907) [Grüters, Hugo. (1851–1928)]

Group of Autograph Letters Signed

Group of nine autograph letters signed from the important violinist and Brahms collaborator, dating from the later years of Joachim's life, to the German conductor, violinist, and composer Hugo Grüters. In fine condition overall, sizes 4 x 6 to 5 x 8 inches. With one additional envelope addressed to Grüters in Joachim's hand.

[London], May 15, [n.y.]; 1 p. "Dear Herr Musikdirektor, I accept your kind invitation with thanks [...] Until we meet again! Joseph Joachim."

[N.p.], June 30, [n.y.]; 1 p. "Dear Herr Musikdirektor, An excellent gifted violinist, the young Waghalter, brings you these lines. I would be grateful if you would hear him, and [if] his excellent achievements [...] will win him a concert in Bonn." With envelope addressed to Grüters in Bonn.

[London], [n.d.]; 5 pp. "Dear colleague, Many thanks for your kind letter. The award from the city of Bonn pleased me very much [...] It is very gratifying that Saint-Saens is coming; I would find it very good if he wanted to play the quartet; but I think Dohnanyi must be asked, and must agree to it. I would also have nothing against the A minor sonata, but there is no space for it in the program. You didn't answer one of my questions, namely, whether you could have a choir rehearsal on the 17th or 18th, before the orchestral rehearsals, so that I can go through the Requiem. In this case I would leave London on the 16th; if not, then not until the 18th. You would do me a great favor if you could notify me about this by telegraph, so that I can make arrangements. Of my children, four will probably take part in the festival, and may I ask, besides the seats I ordered by telegraph [...] to reserve four more. May I express my deepest sympathy to you and your brother on the loss of your nephew. [...] Joseph Joachim."

[London], May 10, [n.y.]; 2 pp. "Dear Herr Grüters, I would be very pleased to hear a choir rehearsal and conduct the Requiem on the 18th, as you suggest. Will you be so good as to take the piano part for this? I think I will arrive on the morning of the 17th in Bonn, and look forward to discussing everything in person then."

[N.d.]; 1 p. "Dear colleague, Don't you think that it would be desirable to have the pieces with double quartet led by a conductor? I hope you agree and that you will undertake the direction at the rehearsal today at 6:00 in the Beethoven-Halle..."

London, [n.d.]; 4 pp. "Dear Herr Grüters, to my great dismay, it turns out that the intended funeral is supposed to take place on the morning of Sunday the 20th. Now, I had already promised Steinbach six weeks ago that I would perform with my quartet in the small hall on the evening of the 19th and at 11:30 on the 20th, for the occasion of the exhibition. I thought it would suffice if I arrived in Bonn in good time in the afternoon, in order to have the rehearsal at about 5:00. Hopefully it is possible to move the funeral to after 4:00 instead of in the morning, or to another day. [...] I would be putting my colleagues in the quartet and Steinbach in a great difficulty. Would you be so good as to discuss the matter with the board immediately, and let me know by telegraph..."

Bonn, June 22, [n.y.]; 2 pp. "Dear colleague, I learned from Herr Ebbinghaus that you are planning a music festival on May 6th to 8th, where works by Bach, Handel, and Beethoven will be performed, and that you wish me to take part as a conductor. As pleasant as this task would be [...] it is unfortunately quite impossible for me to be available at this time, as I [am committed] [...] to perform in London with the Berliner Quartet. All the plans have been made and I cannot take back my word."

[Paris], March 18, 1905; 2 pp. "Dear sir, if Saint-Saens accepts the invitation, I would be delighted to play with him. People here think it is unlikely, because in the last years he hasn't liked to perform. [...] Director of the Singakademie in Berlin Georg Schumann? Or Dohnanyi, a marvelous player? My address in Rome for the next 8 days is: [...] Please make sure that you don't give only my name, but also Halir, Wirth and Hansmann's. [...] On April 1 I will be in Frankfurt (Scholz' 70th birthday), on the 2nd in Berlin again. In great haste!, yours, Joseph Joachim."

Montreux, April 18, 1907; 4 pp., with envelope. "Dear Professor, it is very kind of you to wish to see me in a circle of close colleagues, and I would love to accept; but as I just had to write to one of my [...] friends, on doctor's orders I am supposed to avoid taking on any more engagements, because I will still need to be careful with my health for a while. [...] As for the program, I don't see any errors in the Köchel numbers, perhaps because I dictated. I mean the D major Quintet [AMQ from Mozart's String Quintet in D major K.593] because we haven't played it yet and because it is shorter, and will work better after the long Schubert pieces. In regard to the Brahms Liebeslieder, I chose op. 52 on purpose, because they are more appealing and popular than the later ones. I think we will do well to stay with this, because the F major Quintet and the G major Sextet are relatively unknown, and demand more intense attention. I have already told Herr Dr. Ruickenberg about the songs [...] and I asked him to contact Herr von Dohnanyi directly, as this was still undecided when I left. Did my letter go missing? [...] Yours, Joseph Joachim." (16994)

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