Gershwin, Ira. (1896-1983)

"It has little to do with the original show" - Signed Letter about Funny Face and Beverly Hills

Typed letter on personal Beverly Hills, CA letterhead, signed "Ira Gershwin" in black ink. March 19, 1957; 1 p. To Miss Madge Roger, in full: "Mrs. Gershwin joins me in thanks and compliments to you for the charming watercolor you sent. Doubtless when we move into our new house we'll find a proper spot for it. // You asked about the film called 'Funny Face.' It stars Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn and will be released in New York in a couple of weeks. Actually it has little to do with the original show, but they do use six of our songs and in these a line here and there has been changed to suit the plot situations. // As for Beverly Hills, since the advent of some factories in the environs, we now have a smoggy day now and then. But it is still a lovely city of some thirty thousand, with many beautiful homes and a mild climate and greenery all year round. I'm afraid I cannot send you a snapshot of where we live because at the moment we are living in a rented house while the Roxbury Drive house is being completly rebuilt. In three or four months, when the house is finished, we'll probably have some pictures taken at that time and you shall have one. // Thank you, too, for the postcard of Broadway, Cheam, and the snapshot of yourself. Both are charming." In very fine condition, together with a reprint photograph of Gershwin. 8.5 x 11 inches (21.6 x 27.9 cm). (16959)