Aspen Magazine - The Fluxus Issue

Aspen Magazine, No. 8, Fall-Winter 1970-71, The Fluxus Issue, edited by Dan Graham. An incomplete copy of this multimedia portfolio, comprising twelve of the original fourteen items and with the addition of two phonograph recordings from Aspen no. 5+6 and no. 7. The contents include works by John Cage, Morton Feldman, John Tavener, Steve Reich, Jackson MacLow, La Monte Young, and others. Complete contents listed below. Toning, scattered creases, tears, and losses; overall very good. Portfolio 11.25 x 11 inches (28.8 x 28.3 cm).

Aspen was a multimedia magazine published on an irregular schedule by Phyllis Johnson from 1965 to 1971. Described by its publisher as "the first three-dimensional magazine," each issue came in a customized box or folder filled with materials in a variety of formats, including booklets, "flexidisc" phonograph recordings, posters, postcards and reels of super-8 movie film. Many of the leading figures in contemporary North American and British art and cultural criticism were editors, designers or contributors to Aspen. Complete details of the contents of each issue of Aspen can be found at www.ubu.com/aspen.

1. Folder. Printed with editorial note, table of contents, and brief biographies of contributing artists. Cover painting by Jo Baer. 
4. 1 + 1 for One Player and Amplified Table-Top. A musical score by Philip Glass.

5. Phonograph recording. Jackson LacLow / La Monte Young. Side A: Young Turtle Assymetries by Jackson MacLow, chance-generated poems for five simultaneous readers, explained in item 10. Side B: Drift Study 31 1 69 by La Monte Young, explained in item 7.

6. Lead Shot, a description of a sculptural project by Richard Serra. Reverse: Pendulum Music, by Steve Reich, a description of an audio study.

7. Notes on Continuous Periodic Composite Sound Waveform Environment Realizations. Notes on oscillating drones, by La Monte Young. 

8. Three Distributions. "People Plan,"schematic drawings; "Lecture on moving," text; and, on the reverse side, "Selection of Slides from 'North East Passing'," photos. By Yvonne Rainer.

9. Art & Vision: Mach Bands. Essay on physiological rules of perception, by Jo Baer.

10. Introduction to the Young Turtle Assymetries. Description of chance-generated poems for simultaneous performance, by Jackson MacLow, with text on five detachable cards. Phonograph recording at item 5.
11. Ecologic Projects. Including "Cancelled Crop," by Dennis Oppenheim. Reverse: "Los Angeles Project," by Robert Morris; "Forest Project" and "Notes on Ecologic Projects" by Dennis Oppenheim. Descriptions of several large-scale environmental works.

12. Strata a Geophotographic Fiction. Text by Robert Smithson.

13. Parking Lot. Cover title: Detail of Surface. From Thirtyfour Parking Lots (1967) by Edward Ruscha.

14. Aspen subscription form.

From Aspen no. 5+6, item 6: Phonograph recording of Morton Feldman, The King of Denmark; B-side, John Cage, Fontana Mix - Feed, Nov. 6, 1967.

From Aspen no. 7, item 10: Phonograph recording of John Tavener, Three Songs for Surrealists; B-side, Christopher Logue reading New Numbers.

Not present are items no. 2, "In Place of a Lecture. Three Musics for Two Voices," and no. 3, "Hot/Cold Book" from Aspen no. 8. (16801)

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