Cage, John. (1912–1992) [Knowles, Alice. (b. 1933)]

Typed Letter Signed regarding the artist Alison Knowles

Typed letter signed from the highly influential composer, recommending visual artist Alison Knowles for a fellowship from the National Endowment of the Arts. 1 p. September 14, 1976. Typed on one side of a "Message/Reply" sheet printed with Cage's letterhead. In very fine condition. 8.5 x 7 inches (21.6 x 17.8 cm).

Cage writes: "This is to support the application of Alison Knowles for an individual fellowship [...] in the field of the visual arts. I have known Alison Knowles for well over ten years. I had the great pleasure in the late '60's of working closely with her on the preparation of the book Notations published by Something Else Press. She has patience and humor, lively imagination, quiet continuous energy, and devotion to whatever she does. I have enjoyed her work' her early paintings, the Big Boook, the House of Dust, and the Bean Garden. It is clear that her sense of audience and audience participation is at the heart of current necessities. I am grateful for her presence in the world of art and look forward to whatever she does next. I hope the National Endowment will provide the assistance she requests. Sincerely, John Cage."

Alison Knowles is an American visual artist known for her installations, performances, soundworks, and publications. A founding member of the Fluxus movement, the experimental avant-garde group formally founded in 1962,  her work as an artist is distinguished by the indeterminacy of her event scores resulting in the deauthorization of the work, and the element of tactile participation.  In the 1960s, she was an active participant in New York City's downtown art scene, collaborating with influential artists such as John Cage and Marcel Duchamp. During this time she began producing event scores, or performances that rework the everyday into art. Knowles's inclusion of visual, aural, and tactile elements in her performances sets her art apart from the work of other Fluxus artists. (16794)

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