Ropartz, Guy. (1864–1955) & Dupuis, Sylvain. (1856–1931) & Marsick, Paul-Louis. (1916–1969) & Rieti, Vittorio. (1898–1994) & Rougnon, Paul. (1846–1934) & Heintz, Richard. (1871–1929) [Rogister, Jean. (1879–1964)]

Collection of Autograph Letters and Signed Photographs to Jean Rogister

An interesting collection of autograph letters and signed and unsigned photographs from the collection of Jean Rogister, the important Belgian violist and founding member of the Quatuor de Liège. The group includes autograph items from Belgian and French musicians Guy Ropartz, Paul-Louis Marsick, Sylvain Dupuis, Paul Rougnon, Joseph Maris, Ovide Musin and others, many concerning the performances of the Quatuor de Liège. 11 autograph letters and 23 photographs in total, in overall fine condition.

Jean Rogister (1879–1964) was a Belgian virtuoso violist, teacher, and composer who studied at and then, aged only 21, became Professor of Viola at the Liège Conservatory. In 1923, he left for the United States where he briefly led the viola section in the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Leopold Stokowski. Returning to Liège, Rogister became a founding member of the Quatuor de Liège in 1925 along with violinists Henri Koch (1903–1969) and Joseph Beck, and cellist Lydia Rogister-Schor. The ensemble toured throughout in Europe and the United States to great acclaim.

Three letters from French composer and conductor Guy Ropartz, May 2, 1929 (1 p.); June 2, 1929 (1 p.); September 10, 1928 (2 pp.) Ropartz thanks Rogister for programming his Quartet no. 3 in concerts of the Quatuor de Liège in May 1929; regrets that he was unable to hear the concert and mentions a meeting of the Societé de Musique de Chambre de Strasbourg; mentions arrangements for performing his quartet in Dumont-Lamarche and Strasbourg, and warns that "the number of concerts given in Strasbourg is very considerable, too considerable for a city of its importance..."
Two letters from Belgian cellist Paul-Louis Marsick, December 10, 1935 (1 p.); February 1, 1936 (2 pp.) Marsick reports on the founding of the Brussels Cello Quartet and asks if they may play Rogister's piece "Lamento"; asks if Rogister would be willing to write further movements to make a suite out of the work; and tells Rogister of upcoming concerts.
Autograph letter and autograph note on a visiting card from Belgian painter Richard Heintz. July 10, 1928 and 1928.
Autograph letter from Italian composer Vittorio Rieti, giving details of his biography for use in the programs of the Quatuor de Liège. May 21, 1929, 2 pp.
Two autograph letters from Belgian conductor and composer Sylvain Dupuis, the director of the Royal Conservatory of Liège. September 11, 1923 (3 pp.); December 7, 1923 (4 pp.). Dupuis gives the text of a letter which he advises Rogister to write, requesting a leave from the Royal Conservatory to play with the Philadelphia Orchestra; congratulates Rogister on his successful time in Philadelphia; and gives the program for an upcoming concert.
Autograph letter from French composer Paul Rougnon, regarding a piece Rougnon is sending for Rogister's interest. N.d., 1 p.

Fine signed cabinet photograph from violinist Joseph Maris, inscribed to Rogister and dated December 1, 1904. 4 x 5.5 inches (10.5 x 16.5 cm).
Signed E. Turner de Huy cabinet photograph from violinist Félix Renard, inscribed to Rogister and dated 1907. Trimmed down to 4.25 x 5.5 inches (11 x 14 cm).
Signed E. Varlet of Liège cabinet photograph of violinist Ovide Musin, ca. 1900. Inscription and signature somewhat rubbed off, otherwise very good. 4.25 x 6.25 inches (11 x 16 cm).
Postcard photograph of Eugène Ysaye, with autograph note on the verso from M. Woollett, dated February 2, 1937.
Signed postcard photograph of an unidentified violinist, inscribed to cellist Lydie Schor.
Signed photograph postcard of Victor Kalkmann, apparently a student of Rogister, dated January 1, 1918.
Signed costume photograph of singer René Lits, inscribed to Rogister with a mention of the production of "Quand minuit sonna" at the Théâtre Royal de Liège, dated 1946.
Two photographs of the Russian violinist Irina Bochkova, taken around the time of her 1965 debut at the occasion of an hommage to Rogister.
Two postcard photographs of the Swiss composer Heinrich Pestalozzi, each with an autograph note from the composer to Rogister on the verso, dated 1934 and 1938.
Performance photograph of the Quatuor de Liège in concert, 7 x 4.5 inches (18 x 12 cm).
Photograph of an unidentified painter, Jacques [?], photographed by H. Grooteclaes, in a folded card signed and inscribed to Mme. Rogister, dated April 26, 1967. Together with another photograph of the painter in his atelier.
Reproduction of a drawing of composer Georges Antoine, in a card signed by one of Antoine's parents and dated March 10, 1936.
Postcard photograph of the Quatuor de la Haye, with an autograph note from Charles Van Isterdael on the verso, dated 1922.
Postcard photograph of the painter Joseph Bonvoisin, signed lightly in pencil on the verso by his wife Andrée Bonvoisin.
Signed folded postcard photograph of violinist Marcel Debot, dated New Year 1962.
Photograph of four violinists identified as [François] Broos, Vieux, [Joseph] Jongen and Jean Rogister.
Postcard photograph of Queen Astrid of Belgium.
Two photographs of Jean Rogister as an older man, with his dog on his knee. (16739)

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