Bolton, Guy. (1884–1979) [Wodehouse, P. G. (1881–1975)] [Kern, Jerome. (1885–1945)]

Typed Letter Signed about "Leave it to Jane"

Typed letter signed from the Anglo-American playwright and writer of musical comedies, concerning the possibility of reviving his 1917 musical Leave it to Jane in England. April 20, [1965]. 1 p. To David Paramor of Aldus Books Ltd. in London, Bolton writes that there is no reason why the "Princess shows"—musicals written with P. G. Wodehouse and Jerome Kern and originally produced during World War I at the Princess Theatre in New York—should not be revived, and goes on to recommend Leave it to Jane and Oh, Lady as two options. Full text below. In fine condition. 7.25 x 10.5 inches (18.5 x 26.3 cm). Original transmissal envelope postmarked April 20, 1965. Together with a newspaper clipping about Bolton's death in 1979.

"Dear Mr. Paramor,
I was busy working against time when your interesting letter arrived so I have been slow in answering it. I have talked it over with Mr. Wodehouse, whom I see daily and there is no obstacle to letting anyone who is prepared to put on a production of one of the so-called 'Princess shows' from doing so. 
Leave It To Jane was revived at the Sheridan Square Theatre here a couple of years back and ran for nearly three years. It is rather a question of whether the book is too American, it deals with what we call a fresh-water college and centres round a football game. But that is perhaps an over simplification, the characters are what makes the show and these might well be amusing to an English audience because, despite their foreigness [sic] they are moved by easily understood motivations.
The libretto I can send you and will, the musical material is in the hands of TAMS-WITMARK, 757, Third Avenue, New York City, 10017. They are the leasing agents, Mr. Wodehouse and I can ask them to send the material without reference to the Jerome Kern Estate. I believe, for convenience sake, Mr. Castle might handle the matter with you. He is a friend of mine.
I will take the matter up with both Mr. Castle and Louis Aborn, the head of TAMS.
There is another of the Princess shows with a top Jerome Kern score called OH, LADY and we made a revised version a year of two back at the same time adding several Kern Numbers. The book is not American as JANE is and could in fact be played as being in an English setting with English characters. One of Mr. Wodehouse's most successful novels is based on it. I could send you a published score but the additional numbers and new lyrics would have to come separately.
Yours sincerely, Guy Bolton."

Leave It to Jane is a musical in two acts, with music by Jerome Kern and book and lyrics by Guy Bolton and P. G. Wodehouse, based on the 1904 play The College Widow, by George Ade. The story concerns the football rivalry between Atwater College and Bingham College, and satirizes college life in a Midwestern U.S. town.  (16379)